One of the essential components of warehouse shelving is wire mesh shelves. Natom Logistics specializes in manufacturing wire mesh shelves. We fulfill both standard and custom orders based on our clients’ requirements. When you faced with the decision to equip your warehouse, it is essential to plan the efficient utility of storage space. Proper placement of racks, planned load distribution, and internal transportation can significantly impact cost savings.

Can selecting the right shelf lead to savings?

Natom Logistic offers mesh shelves with load capacity ranging from 100 kg/m2 to 1000 kg/m2. The load capacity for mesh shelves is selected based on the intended load of the shelf. Natom Logistic offers mesh shelves with load capacity ranging from 100 kg/m2 to 1000 kg/m2.

Natom Logistic’s shelves are reinforced in two ways:

  • through a flat bar
  • through an omega shape.

We also offer shelves designed to prevent items from falling off racks.  You can read about it soon on our blog.

Mesh shelves reinforced with flat bars are commonly used for loads up to 400 kg/m2. The number of flat bars is adjusted individually depending on the length of the shelf and the expected load, ensuring even weight distribution.

Omega-reinforced shelves can support up to 1000 kg/m2. Consider using shelving with flat bars to decrease the weight and reduce costs in your warehouse. This type of shelving requires less material and has a faster production process. For heavier loads up to 1000 kg/m2, choose mesh shelves with omega reinforcements. The engineer in charge of designing the shelves will add more omegas per shelf to handle the added weight.

This solution enables full weight protection, ensuring proper storage of goods.

What is the difference between Omega and flat bar shelving? What other factors might influence a customer’s choice?

Wire mesh shelves on omegas have safe edges, possibly justifying their higher price compared to flat bar shelves. Flat bars on shelves could be less secure in manual warehouses due to the increased risk of injuries.

However, for lighter items (up to 400 kg/m2) stored in a warehouse equipped with forklifts and machines, using shelving on flat bars would be cost-effective. This option generates savings for the whole investment related to equipping the racks.

Our wire mesh shelves are built using pre-galvanized wire and meet industry standards.

We offer customized options for both galvanized and powder-coated shelves, and our customers can choose from a wide range of colors.

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