Transport carts

Storage carts ensure efficient operation of the production line as well as the process of storing  products and preparing shipments. Depending on the requirements for the cart, we select  individually its structure, load capacity, types of wheels and other elements. Our carts are  characterized by high mechanical strength and provide high stability to the load. Thanks to the  use of swivel castors, it is possible to manoeuvre extremely easily in the alleys of the warehouse.  The use of acid-resistant materials makes it possible to use them also in the food and  pharmaceutical industries. 

We manufacture both traditional hand carts and professional self-propelled electric carts,  certified by the Central Institute of Labour Protection and the Institute of Advanced  Manufacturing Technology. 

In our wide offer you will find among others: 

  • euro pallet trucks and industrial trucks 
  • carts 
  • carts 
  • carts to be joined in a train 

Our goal is to respond to the individual needs of our clients.
We specialize in non-standard solutions under a special order.

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