Production and shipment of goods

Below we present photos from the production and shipping of our products.


The mezzanine floor is a flat cover dividing the building into storeys, used to make optimal use of  the warehouse volume. Thanks to the additional storeys, new space is obtained, which can be  adapted for storage of products or office space, among others. 

We make both complex projects of mezzanine and its individual elements, such as

  • Stairs 
  • poles 
  • Railings 
  • swing gates 
  • sliding gates 

The flexible construction system of our products enables us to adapt them to the specific needs  and conditions in your halls.

Barriers and posts, post protection

Barriers and guard posts are used in production halls, warehouses and distribution centers, to  protect selected elements of buildings, machinery areas, operational activities or directly  operator workstations from possible collision with vehicles inside the warehouse or other  machinery and equipment. 


  • barriers available as standard and special solutions 
  • bespoke 
  • it is possible to make a different shape of the railing, change its length, height, thickness of the  pipe and finish, e.g. painting special warning stripes 
  • protective posts anchored in 4 or 6 places, ended with a cap, can be made without a foot and  change the post height, pipe thickness and finish

Pallet gates

Pallet gates are used to secure the load on a platform such as a mezzanine. The module is  equipped with sliding bearings, which allow for gravitational tilt of the gate.  The gate in the closed position does not require any additional protection. 

Gates are made in standard dimensions – for 1 or 2 pallets and in non-standard dimensions.

Pallet extensions

Pallet extensions are tight housings that cover the sides and top of the pallet and make  transporting the goods easier. They are most often used in wooden or plastic pallets meeting  epal or eur standards, e.g. for euro pallets. 

Extensions make it much easier to stack goods on the pallet, which enables better use of the  pallet area. They are a perfect substitute for various types of cardboard or metal boxes. Extensions enable stacking of pallet loading units formed from cargo whose properties do not  allow for direct stacking. 

The structure of the extensions can be folded so that they do not require much space for  storage. 

Post bumpers

Post bumpers are used to protect warehouse rack poles, against accidental impact of forklift  trucks or moving pallet load units. 

Depending on the place of use, the buffers are divided into front and corner ones. They are 

made of high quality ordinary or stainless steel, while maintaining the requirements of health  and safety and European standards. The buffers are usually fixed to the floor with mechanical or  chemical anchors. The place of anchoring can be located outside or inside the bumper. In our  offer you will find both standard solutions and products made to special order. The shape,  height, thickness and color of the bumper are then made according to the customer’s guidelines. 

Rack netting

Netting of racks is made up of mesh panels at the back and sides of the racks, preventing goods  from falling down and ensuring safety of working people. Our Natom Ready system is  distinguished by the variable size of panels adjusted to the size of the rack row. Thanks to this  the whole is perfectly matched and the assembly does not require any cutting of metal  elements. 


  • panels adapted to the dimensions of the rack, ending in the axis of the column
  • quick fixation system for panels 
  • standard mesh: 50×50 or 100x50mm, other mesh size on request 
  • each panel is equipped with 4 holders that can be fixed anywhere on the pole
  • the distance between the rack and the alignment depends on the type of handle used: distance  0/100/150/200mm 
  • standard finish: powder coating RAL 7035, other RAL color or zinc on request 

Post (stake) pallets, pallet-racks, tables

Column pallets – are a special type of cargo pallets intended for the storage and transport of goods, the shape and strength of which do not ensure stability when stacked.

These pallets have posts that enable stacking pallet loading units without overloading the load on the pallet.

The posts can be fixed, removable or collapsible, connected or not, with reinforcement crossbars.

On the other hand, an example of a pallet rack is the mobile flow rack for KLT containers presented in the gallery below.

Mesh boxes

Net containers are used in production plants, forwarding warehouses, internal and external  transport. They are designed to transport and store goods, and sometimes also to display them. Containers are made of welded mesh, can have any size and load capacity and can be stacked.  They are adapted to be transported by forklift trucks and hydraulic trucks. 

Their construction can be folded so that their storage does not require much space.

Shelves and mesh separators

Mesh shelves are placed on beam levels of pallet racks. They are an alternative filling for wooden  shelves and solid steel panels. They are suitable for storing goods on pallets as well as small  elements. The mesh allows light and water to pass through, which is required when storing some  goods. It also allows water to flow freely from the sprinklers in case of fire, offering greater  safety than wooden fillings. Mesh shelves are also used to secure passageways under the racks.


  • shelves available in standard and special dimensions – to customer’s order
  • Shelf load capacity tailored to customer requirements 
  • standard mesh: 50x50mm, other mesh size on request 
  • standard finish: powder coating RAL 7035, other RAL color or zinc on request 

Cantilever racks

Cantilever racks can be used both inside and outside – in this case it is possible to equip them with a roof.

They are the perfect solution for storing heavy long goods.

Brackets can be equipped with special locks (limiters) to prevent loads from rolling down.

Depending on the height of the goods, the appropriate level of storage is selected.

Transport carts

Storage carts ensure efficient operation of the production line as well as the process of storing  products and preparing shipments. Depending on the requirements for the cart, we select  individually its structure, load capacity, types of wheels and other elements. Our carts are  characterized by high mechanical strength and provide high stability to the load. Thanks to the  use of swivel castors, it is possible to manoeuvre extremely easily in the alleys of the warehouse.  The use of acid-resistant materials makes it possible to use them also in the food and  pharmaceutical industries. 

We manufacture both traditional hand carts and professional self-propelled electric carts,  certified by the Central Institute of Labour Protection and the Institute of Advanced  Manufacturing Technology. 

In our wide offer you will find among others: 

  • euro pallet trucks and industrial trucks 
  • carts 
  • carts 
  • carts to be joined in a train 


We offer to make any kind of fencing, strictly adjusted to your needs. 

Our products are widely used, among others, in the production of 

  • production halls, as fences for machines and equipment, production lines and hazardous areas. 
  • warehouse halls, as fences for customs zones or zones for storing valuable or dangerous goods. We provide professional advice e.g. on the selection of appropriate entrance gates, gates, closing systems and automation.

Protection of the rack end, passageways and walls

In our offer you will find end of shelf protection made of wooden beams or steel channels.

The first solution includes: 

  • steel bumpers type C and 2C 
  • H-type steel bumpers
  • Wooden beams (dried/heated on request) 

In turn, when steel channels are used, steel corner bumpers are most often used as supports. These protections are used to protect the end of storage racks against accidental impact of  forklift trucks or moving pallet load units. 

They can also be used for other purposes, such as protecting passageways, offices or walls.

Our goal is to respond to the individual needs of our clients.
We specialize in non-standard solutions under a special order.

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